Profile Picture “Facebook can be replaced Automatically

Facebook testing new features on in connect profile picture (profile picture). from TheVerge, users can choose “periodic photos” and “permanent” photo to present themselves in the social networking.

This is to respond to the large number of social movements or mass issue, distributed on the internet facebook login account open .Users often use a profile picture to support one issue, moving mass and celebrate the special day. Hence these features we develop, “said a Facebook representative.

During this time, if the user wishes to support a movement on a periodic basis, users will replace their profile photos with posters indicating support for the movement.

In the end, after the movement no longer crowded in the virtual realm, the user must switch back to the original photo profile photo. This will Vex the user.

First need to log in to Facebook, set up a new profile picture again manually and that photo will return to flood timeline which documents your friends.

What if users too busy to replace your profile picture on Facebook? Certainly, would not efficiently in time. This feature is claimed to be able to reduce the time wasted just to replace the photo with the original photos too.

For example, when want to raise political support for the head of the candidates region.
Users can set poster candidates head area as your profile photo. Setup time is possible in a matter of hours, days, even weeks.

After a set period of time expires, the profile picture automatically return to a permanent photo. Another example can be used to celebrate a friend’s birthday, a wedding anniversary, support for sports teams, support for social issues and other issues.

“Periodic profile picture makes it easy for users to express themselves according to a pivotal moment is going on without worrying about to reverse the profile photo to the photo again,” says Facebook.

This feature is still being tested and allegedly will present to all Facebook users around the world in the next few months.

Berantas Hoax, This Powerful Facebook Mark Fake News

Already a public secret if vulnerable social media spread the false news or hoax. It is even hardly be stopped because of the difficulty of control in the dissemination of news. Facebook sign up as a step to prevent the spread of news of the hoax, who manages the Facebook adds one point, fake news in the report feature.

This latest feature is revealed by the preaching of the Division Vice President of Facebook, Adam Mosseri, via the Facebook newsroom page. Through this update, a Facebook account would be easier to make a report if it finds news hoax.

Earlier, in reporting services Facebook just put three points, plus four points now stating the news was a hoax. The account gave a report of a suspected false news would get the second option ranging from marking the news as fake news, send a message spreaders news, and block the account spreader news.

Facebook not directly block the news being reported as news of the hoax. The most popular social media is working with a third party, International Poynter’s Fact Checking Code of Principles, which was tasked to search for facts about news reported.

The news proved to be false will be marked with a red flag icon, complete with a reason that news is considered false. News that have got the icon would sink because of other news and does not appear in the user’s home page. Account manager spreaders news proved to be a hoax also cannot promote such postings.

However, the latest reporting service Facebook is just as warning users about news of the hoax. The decision to spread the news or not remain back at the user. Accounts that remain will spread the word that was already considered a hoax would be warned before any layered can spread the news.

Although additional services have been reported in the official newsroom Facebook, it looks like news reporting suspected hoaxes haven’t really can be done.

Tips On Choosing A Good Quality Android Smartphone

Nowadays many Smartphones that offer more than enough skill with a relatively inexpensive price. Smartphones lately indeed central became a phenomenon in our society, let alone the internet features on offer makes it easy to surf in the Web, access various social networking Favorites and browse the wide range of the latest information on the Internet.

Maybe that’s the reason why smartphones are currently experiencing an increase in sales. compared to a mobile phone that has many disadvantages for the Internet. Any mobile phone manufacturer his latest product offers a rollicking at competitive rates. Call it Advan one of its products is Advan Vandroid S5J that offers advanced features but the price is cheap. Or another sort of manufacturer Lenovo, Oppo Smartphone, EverCross and others.

Well here is our team of NyariHape Blog will give Tips on choosing a good quality Android Smartphone for information before you choose an Android Smartphone to accompany your everyday life.

1. the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and RAM (Random Access Memory)

Both of these devices is very important as the motor or engine operation of a Smartphone. Call it the CPU, you would have already often heard this term, a regular CPU we know on a computer. Well, a good Android Smartphone is using CPU as the brain of your cell phone so that it is able to run various activities on your mobile phone very well.

A good android Smartphone is the use of Dual-core CPU. So we recommend that you note these components.

RAM or Random Access Memory also has a very important role in an Android Smartphone. Point to balance the various mobile device while you are running the multitasking. Simply put, with RAM is good then when you run some android applications it will be smooth and not bogged down, of course, it gives comfort to you. Android Smartphone that has a minimum of 1 GB of RAM.

2. GPU (General Processing Unit)
The GPU was instrumental in the graphics. You should note this device is, the greater its GPU specifications it will be getting a nice graph that is displayed. For example when you run a 3-dimensional game with HD quality, then if your GPU is good, then the graphics will certainly look very nice and makes you very happy to linger over game play.

3. Display Screen
Nowadays many manufacturers provide a wide screen smartphone with a good quality. the form of a smartphone is also almost the same as other manufacturers. Well, you need to consider the minimum for screen technology i.e. android Smartphone you are the kind of IPS (in-Plane Switches) with a minimum of 16 million colors and supports multitouch to facilitate your work with your cell phone.

While the screen size should match your needs, don’t be too great because it was quite troublesome when carried or operated, e.g. difficult if limited wanted to do an SMS with one hand, or difficult to simply placed into your Pocket pouch. Select which are currently only and do not.

4. The quality of the camera
Yup, what’s his name if a Smartphone without camera equipped. You will surely be saturated because can not ber “Selfie” ria and menguploadnya on your favorite social networks. Well we recommend that you select the Android Smartphone that features a rear camera (main) at least 5MP. Sometimes the quality of the pictures with the different sizes of the same camera, so at least 5MP become mandatory for your Smartphone.

5. Networking and Connectivity
One of the functions of the Smartphone is the ease in doing internet activities. Then it surely must be the best network support Smartphones for minimal internet, namely 3 g or HSDPA network, especially when supporting LTE networks.
In addition, like Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, USBport should also be available.

6. Battery
A good Smartphone certainly has to stay power standby time. You don’t want the right while being cool running your phone all of a sudden you feel your phone quickly betray out. Especially when you do online that suck a lot of power. Well, we recommend that you choose a Smartphone with a large power with battery, 2000mAh minimum and larger is better.

7. The brand
Currently, many brands of mobile phone that offer its flagship Smartphone. This certainly makes you confused will choose what brand of Smartphone. You do not need to be confused when the brand you choose is the Samsung or the iPhone. But other than that, make sure you know its track record and its official gallery, this is to make it easier for you when will service your mobile phone.

Well, the case 7 tips on choosing a good quality android smartphone for you. Hopefully, this information can be useful for you and be a reference before you buy a smartphone to accompany your everyday life. Welcome looking for a Smartphone.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost Is It Worthwhile?

Gastric-Bypass Surgery Cost Is It Worthwhile? You might have stage oneself ready wherever gastric-banding or gastric-bypass surgery is among your several options remaining.

The dreams are simply like every additional individualis desires. You would like joy, you would like flexibility togo locations and also you need monetary independence (our primary requirements).

I’d the chance to listen to some good success-stories and that I’d prefer to reveal these along with you in performing study with this subject:

“I’ve excitement and therefore much power, I can not think how regular I’m”
” Gastric-Bypass Surgery offered myself a brand new begin that I anticipate daily and existence ”
“I acquired my wellness that I am filled with assurance and again, my standard of living offers enhanced ”
“Our wellness offers enhanced therefore significantly, I’ve had the opportunity to understand my desires – a woman along with a child ”
” my issues actually dissolved absent”
“Gastric-Banding was the best device to simply help my entire life alter permanently”
Truly, these folks experienced their achievement for actual pleasure which is an essential choice to create. The query that is large is, ” can it be afforded by you “?

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost Is It Worthwhile?

The benefit may be the change it provides individuals’ life when everything moves not as unplanned. You will find usually dangers related to any type of surgery therefore a dangerORadvantage situation is playing away below.

The large problem that is other may be the price. Actual charges were lately discovered by me for gastric-banding price and gastric-bypass surgery price within Google’s compensated marketing portion.

Gastric-banding price ranged from the reduced of the gastric-bypass surgery price began at about $ 5 and also $TWO,500 or more and travelled method beyond that restrict in the high end.

Another thought that is large is problems. These kinds of operations might have really distinctive issues you have to not be unaware of before anyone proceed forward.

The unwanted effects are some others, irregularity, milk intolerance and disease.

Fundamentally, also you are prepared to create a fairly large dedication and if you should be worried about your wellbeing, next these might be choices that are practical. It’s worth observing that a reasonable number are of people who acquire again lots of fat.

This ostensibly indicates that you don’t possess a permit to consume what-ever you believe and would like you will get away withit. Therefore when the gastric-bypass surgery price or gastric-banding price isn’t a problem, put up having a gastric-bypass professional.

Enhance Your Health Having A Normal Detox Diet

Enhance Your Health Having A Normal Detox Diet. If you discover oneself struggling with extreme exhaustion, uncommon skin discomfort, or normal complications there’s an excellent opportunity the just treatment required would be to detoxification the body. Detox may be the work of cleaning the body of the contaminants which develop normally through water, meals and atmosphere. The defense system that is individual comes with the capability to detoxification the body, eliminating these in the program and neutralizing dangerous materials by transforming these chemically. Regrettably, in case your diet that is normal is lacking in vitamins and certain antioxidants like fibre, contaminants that are international trigger the body to work badly and may fundamentally develop.

What’s the detoxification diet?

Body detox’s most popular method may be the detoxification diet, which is really a short term, impressive diet often limited to water that is strained and veggies which are saturated in fibre. A detoxification diet that is typical might need an individual to consume celery, just beans and cabbage, while consuming just real water that is strained . Detoxification diets encourage wellbeing by spurring your body to detox themselves normally and develop the immune protection system. This can effortlessly market liver and your liver to eliminate the dangerous back-up of contaminants and squander from your own physique normally. You are able to make sure that toxic compounds should never be permitted to achieve harmful amounts before they’re purged from your own program by the addition of a normal detoxification diet for your all around health regime. klik tips detox wajah

Enhance Your Health Having A Normal Detox Diet

But diets are hated by me!

If your unique diet doesn’t seem attractive to anyone, people can very quickly detox their physique utilizing unique cleaning beverages and herbal medicines. Whatever technique the important thing is chosen, by you to any detoxification is revitalizing the organic defenses of your body. These detoxification methods behave to eliminate most harmful materials from your own program before they collect, pre-emptively before they begin halting the accumulation of substances and contaminants. Healthcare research include confirmed that frequently utilizing additional techniques, beverages, or unique diets to detoxification the body is extremely advantageous to all around health and wellness.

Today you need to begin

Organic detoxification agendas and body detoxification applications are demonstrated to supply much more lively and lengthier life by decreasing pressure on the physique and conditioning the immune protection system. Individuals who utilize body detoxification frequently usually encounter elevated psychological wellbeing whilst made to detox the bodily physique. Using less time you might have additional time workout, to savor existence, and discover the planet around anyone. Detoxification diets and body detoxification are certainly an all natural wonder and show the human anatomy is with the capacity of recovery alone from within.

The Completely different Kinds of iPhone Cases

The Completely different Kinds of iPhone Cases. When you have a brand-new iPhone, you miss nothing more than to protect it from being scratched or impaired in any way. One mode that you can ensure that it won’t be damaged is by exclusively exercising it when in a room full of pillows; however, the likelihood of being in this situation is very slim. Another mode that you are able to actively protect your brand new iPhone is by acquiring an iPhone case. Many beings have problems with to purchase a lawsuit for their iPhone because they don’t want to have a big and oversized lawsuit, which attains their pocket appear quite funny. However, with the advancements in iPhone case layout, you are able to have skinny and modernized lawsuit that will provide superior protection.

If you are looking for a small lawsuit that will fit perfectly within your pocket, than you are able to want to purchase a pocket pocket. A pocket pouch is perfect for anyone who desires to keep their iPhone safe, but doesn’t want to have the oversized leather that usual occasions provide. Whether you are a student or a business professional, these smart and stylish sacks will keep your iPhone safe from its smothers, while still giving you a sophisticated look to your telephone. Most owners of iPhone’s are known for having a distinct vogue, as well as a vogue that is elegant and smart. With the pocket pocket for your iPhone they are likely to even pick your favorite color.

The Completely different Kinds of iPhone Cases

Many beings are now exercising their iPhone’s instead of their iPods, because they are able to utilize one concoction instead of two( iPod and cell phone ). Of trend, if you are using your iPhone with you while you work out, “youre supposed to” have run into a number of problems. You want to be able to listen to your favorite songs, but you don’t want to leave your iPhone out in the open, where sweat and other dangerous elements can break your brand-new telephone. Because of this, many people have simply retain their iPhone at home, and used their iPod when they go workout.

While this is a great way to keep your iPhone looking great, there is a way to keep your iPhone safe while you workout, but hitherto, you are still able to use the music piece of your telephone. You can do this by having a workout lawsuit for your telephone. These occasions have been specially designed for individuals who want to workout with their iPhone.

One of best available workout occasions for the iPhone is the XtremeMac SportWrap, which allows your iPhone to remain fully purpose, hitherto it was better shields it to areas outside elements. The main reason why numerous beings use their iPhone when they practise is to listen to their iTunes, and with this workout lawsuit, you will have full terms of protecting the screen, but hitherto there is an opening for your headphone jack, thus allowing you to listen to your favorite songs while extending on the treadmill.

This case is terribly lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about it weighing you down. Perhaps the greatest piece about this case is how it seamlessly fits onto your upper arm. This will allow you to have full push with your form, while still preventing a strong clasp on your iPhone.

Instagram Advantages and Disadvantages as Media Online Shop

Social media Instagram probably already no stranger anymore among Indonesia society. Since launch in 2013, one of the social media who loved this young man growing exponentially until today. With the emphasis on post services through photos and videos, Instagram not only made the media for just having fun but is also now used by many businessmen as land profiteers. Yes, online shop now has many uses as a medium to promote Instagram their merchandise. Up to the year 2015, a countless number of online shop which is using Instagram as the medium. And it’s very easy to find.

Thus is it true Instagram is an effective medium for promoting online shop? As with any other social media, it turned out that Instagram also has advantages and disadvantages in terms of promotion. The following reateregisteraccount strengths and weaknesses.

Advantages Instagram:

1. not paid

For using Instagram, you don’t have to pay, just simply download or can also directly open the site. Not as if using a website as an online media shop, naturally had to rent the domain in advance at a cost that varies. Therefore, for online business shop newbies, it’s good social media selects classmate Instagram comparison website.

2. Widely used

As has been described above, since issued in 2013, users in Indonesia more Instagram. It’s certainly become a profitable land to the businessmen online shop to start marketing its products via Instagram.

3. Easy to use

Simplicities Instagram fast media making it the interest of the community to use it. Post a photo or video, follow, comment on, like, until the appropriate hashtag searching can be done very easily.

4. Promotion of easy

Using Instagram, you can perform various promotional way very easily. For example, by using the hashtag, use endorsement, or also the method paid to promote/shout for shout program.

5. the main photographic Media

As social media which excels in terms of posts through photos, make this medium gives the look and quality of good photos, which of course is perfect for media promotion online shop which usually rely heavily on photo products.

6. Connection with other social media

Excess Instagram that gives the connection with some of the social media, making the ease of its own to the businessmen online shop. So you can save time because it does not need to do a post many times in other social media.

Disadvantages of Instagram as the online media shop:


1. Must be updated periodically

Almost the same as twitter, Instagram has a timeline also went very quickly. This makes users especially the owner of the online shop should be as often as possible then post a photo or video so that products can be viewed by consumers.

2. Spamming

Given the ease with which Instagram in terms of interacting, making social media is very prone to spamming. Usually spamming many looks at the comments section. But you can enforce with private on your account in order to not just anyone can comment on your postings.

3. Transactions that are less practical

Instagram is not designed as a media buying and selling, so is natural when the process of this transaction is less practical when there are consumers who will buy the goods. Therefore, to the owner of the online shop please do not forget to include the contact on the profile and a caption on each posting.

4. Intense competition

Currently, the online shop on Instagram already increasingly mushrooming. This makes the competition is also getting tougher because consumers will be able to easily find an online shop that is similar to yours. Therefore, friendly service, as well as price and quality of goods, are the main key.

The Benefits of Technology in the Education of Whatsapp

Who is not familiar with Whatsapp? Instant messaging applications that have been shifting the functions of SMS has been used by millions of people around the world. With the logo of nuanced green ala NU and the elegant look of a simple application, bringing the comfort of this one as the mandatory application installed on your smartphone or mobile phone. If utilized properly, Whatsapp is an application that can be useful educational media for students, college students, and the public at large.

One of the benefits of Whatsapp in education is to utilize the features of the group as a medium of learning together and sharing with the community. I I, currently almost all of the students have created a group on Whatsapp whose members are friends, one class. In the group this is the educational function of technology Whatsapp can be enjoyed.

In group classes, we can share information, ask questions about the tasks of teachers/lecturers, discussions surrounding the subject matter/College, or simply a preamble and joking laughter which can add familiarity between friends. When we have been a member of the group a specific community, Whatsapp messages that we send to that group can be read by all members of the group, thereby allowing anyone from the group members responded to.

Which often gave rise to a problem is usually when we are put into groups that actually we do not want to become a member of the group. Even though it has tried out a few times but we entered again by the admin group. How is the solution? The way that the admin could not enter the US back to that group is to block the number Whatsapp the admin. If more than one person to administer, just block everything. In doing so, the admin will not be able to enter us into the group.

With Whatsapp, we not only can send text messages, but also images, videos, music, and voice mail. We can share the pictures or brochures about info seminars, workshops, educational events, and much more. All it is is a form of technology utilization Whatsapp in education.

In addition to the Group feature in Whatsapp, we can also disseminate info-important info in a matter of seconds through a broadcast message, i.e. facilities for sending messages to many people at once.

In terms of consumption data packets, Whatsapp is a very efficient application, is well suited to the pockets of students. As long as it is not used for sending video files are large, the consumption data of Whatsapp to simply send instant messages only about 1-2 KB.

Well, finally we can conclude that the use of technology products depend on largely on their user. If used wisely, it will be a lot more positive benefits. Else vice versa, if used for negative things, then a product technology more negative effect.

4 G Advantage and Disadvantage

Today’s society many are using the 3 g network for a variety of needs. But you know that, while it has also been available 4 g network that will rival or even replace the 3 g network. 4 g network is a wireless network that became the fourth generation mobile communication to make it easier. By using 4 g then the speed of communication is much better compared to the previous network. The famous 4 g network is 4 g LTE network, but this one is still limited to the region of greater Jakarta alone. For areas outside Jabotabek must willingly wait for the spread of 4 g LTE network. LTE is developed by 3GPP itself which is an evolution of the GSM network.

At first, a wireless network that is known and used the public is 1 g launched in 1980. For decades the IT experts to develop the network and find the latest network known as the 2 g network and was launched in the early 1990s. 2 g network allows the transmission of a lot more than 1 g networks. The growing technological advances make the creation of 3 g networks that is far better than the previous generation. 3 g network enables multimedia applications with more sophisticated technology. After that came the 4 g network was developed to provide a better service and quality with the data transfer rate is higher.

Of course, if you are using this network then you can make the exchange of information or get the information you need in a time faster than the 3 g network. Data transfer speed on a 4 g network a minimum of 100 megabits per second. LTE becomes technology to get the 4 g network standard that can be applied to games or TV. 4 g LTE network technology has many advantages but it does not mean it has any weakness. In Indonesia, these networks are often used in 1800 MHz network in 4 g LTE network.

Then, what about the users of smartphones, are able to use the 4 g network?

For smartphone users, they are already able to use 4 g network, but only on some smartphones like iPhone, HTC 5S One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia 820. In addition, iPad 4 and iPad Mini is a gadget that can enjoy 4 g network because the gadget operates with a frequency of 1800 MHz. The existence of a 4 g network in the smartphone and tablet makes it easy for users to stream and also play online games.

Some of the advantages the network 4 g/LTE include:

It has a speed up to 300 Mbps downlink and Uplink speeds up to 75 Mbps
Support of the system-R and the IMT systems using wave frequencies
Support broadband transfer speed due to 4 g has a frequency band that is much higher
Supports Multicast Broadcast Single Frequency Network
Support high mobility
4 g network is capable of minimizing disruption
In addition to the above, have the advantage of 4 g LTE network also has some disadvantages. Here are some of the weaknesses of the 4 g network:

To create a new network infrastructure is required that costs more expensive than the 3 G network, 2 G, and 1 G.
The installation of the new equipment is needed if the network updated.
It needs a new mobile device that supports 4 g LTE technology if the network updated.
It takes an additional antenna to transmit data because the 4 g LTE network using Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO).
Though has several advantages above, the 4 g network is still very limited. Unlike 3 g network that nearly all regions in Indonesia could reach. May Your future outside Jabotabek can enjoy the excellence of 4 g LTE network.

6 the Benefits and Advantages of Using Android Smartphone

Current Android smartphones are really already mastered market share technology gadgets, especially smartphones. The fame and popularity of android to defeat various other big names is not without reason. A wide range of benefits and advantages of using Android Smartphone users has felt. And it is this which has made android smartphone remain popular.

The Advantages Of Using Android Smartphone

Multifunctional Smartphone deserves pinned to the android smartphone. Moreover, since the BBM cross platform launched. This was further strengthened as android smartphone multifunctional. Even the android Gingerbread device which may be partly regarded as “traditional”, again shot up after the release of the BBM Android Gingerbread. All of these things could be the Advantages of using Android Smartphone compared to other types of smartphones.

The Advantage Of Using Android Smartphone
The advantage of using Android Smartphone gets increasingly felt after all the advantages on offer android was able to maximize and make it easy for any work of the user. If the prior user may imagine the price that drains the pouch to get an advanced multifunctional smartphone, it doesn’t apply to the Android smartphone. The combination of the sophistication of devices and low prices into their own reasons for users to use android.

The Reason To Use The Hp Android
And here are 6 benefits and advantages of Using Android Smartphone, as quoted from the writings of Bachtiar Rifai Lazada with the original title “this is the reason why we Wear HP Android”:

1. Open Source

The concept of Android is the open source operating system like Linux OS on a computer, with an open platform that is, various free applications developers create applications that are then run on Android. Unlike Cisco iOS, Blackberry or Windows where an application must pass the procedure of convoluted and tight to be used or reproduced traded.

2. Continue to evolve

With the rapid development of technology, the latest gadget could be quickly outdated. However, the ability to keep updating the Android OS makes a hp android continue to experience the development of software, let alone we know that Google’s Android OS as developers seems serious about developing this OS. Just imagine, until recently an Android constantly renewing ourselves which currently Android is already up to version 4.4 KitKat.

3. Google Tools

As we know search engines are most commonly used today is google, this is a great advantage for Android. Indeed all non-android device can also use android OS but more connected well to Google, for example, an application question by voice (such as Siri on iOS), hp android you will give an answer in accordance with Google’s database where database Google very rich information.

4. More apps

HP android has more variety of application we can download, it is still concerned with the concept of open source that has previously been said. more free application developers in delivering his application with open source license, shareware, or freeware. Therefore we can explore and have an application with many more options, so we don’t get bored quickly with a mobile android.

5. the Rooting ROM

Techniques of rooting an android ROM on a mobile is not illegal, unlike the iOS. This is a direct benefit for us users of devices with ROM rooting techniques we can improve the performance of the hp android we like doing engineering flashing, restore, recovery, and so on.

6. The price of the Hp Android Variety

Unlike the iOS operating system that can only be run on gadget Apple, Android operating system present in a wide variety of mobile or tablets, so that we can easily buy a hp android in accordance with the budget we have.
That’s a bit of Info about the latest Gadget Technology 6 benefits and advantages of Using Android Smartphone on this occasion. Read also the latest Gadgets Info before about the presence of a Samsung Windows Phone that tries his luck in the market of gadgets nowadays. Greetings Gadget!